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Konstrukcje Stalowe: konstrukcje stalowe, zbiorniki stalowe, produkcja zbiorników, słupy, silosy   
konstrukcje stalowe, zbiorniki stalowe, produkcja zbiorników, słupy, silosy
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Steel tanks
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Business Gazell 2005 Club

"Puls Biznesu" business daily confirms the affiliation of the company with the elite Business Gazell Club (Klub Gazel Biznesu), group of most dynamically developing companies

Best Opole Region Product of 2002 Prize awarded for EURO-3 two-chamber oil tank

The steel tank which received the award is a two-chamber tank supplying two independent oil circuits. The first chamber, with the capacity of 30 dm3, supplies the lubrication system of the diesel motor while the other, with the capacity of 10 dm3, supplies the hydraulic steering column system of the vehicle.

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 About us

On Aprit 1st, on the basis of the property rented from Malapanew Steelworks S.A. a 40-member crew commenced an economic activity connected with the production of steel tanks for liquid materials, which were earmarked mainly for the German market.
The following companies became its strategic partners: KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH and K&K Kosniewski GmbH.

Modern machine park, trained and very committed crew and proved production technologies enabled a dynamic start and continuous growth of production and turnover of the firm Konstrukcje Stalowe. Production activity was initially carried out in a 1800 m2 production hall and originally it had to satisfy the housing needs for the activity to be carried out for the following several years.
As early as at the end of 1997, as a result of an extension of the activity spectrum it proved that productive capacity is too small.
In this situation new investment decisions were taken. In 1998 the firm bought suitable immovables from Malapanew Steelworks S.A. and one year later it opened a 4500 m2 modern production hall along with social and office back-up facilities of a very high standard.

At the beginning German companies exclusively were the customers of Konstrukcje Stalowe but in 1997 the firm also started the promotion and sale of its products to the home Polish market and in 1999 to the Czech, French and Swiss ones as well.

Modern and precise machines and devices constitute the base of the firm's activity. Through, among other things, the purchase of a very precise numerically controlled machine for thermal plasma cutting of a three-way high concentration of plasma stream (High Definition technology of an American company Hepertherm) the firm Konstrukcje Stalowe became the leading firm in its region in the filed of sheet metal working.
People, professional and committed workers constitute the driving force of the firm Konstrukcje Stalowe. In 1999 the firm employed 110 persons and in 2008 180 persons. Young people prevail among our crew members and the average age of an employee in our firm is 33 years.



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